Harris Interactive Europe

Project: Identity, Logo, Website
Client: Harris Interactive Europe
Catch New York, 2015

Harris Interactive Europe is an international market research firm that due to recent acquisitions and restructuring they needed a new identity and website. I designed a new logo with a custom wordmark (modified Lineto’s Circular) that communicated a contemporary organization with nods to their previous identity. This was applied throughout branded collateral and the website.

Harris had logistical challenges in that it consists of four countries (United States, Germany, France and United Kingdom) and three different languages. We designed an international portal site, and one template for three different websites for each office. The technical challenge was to allow for three different languages to live on the same template design. Because of this, and the fact that each office would be uploading their own content, we designed the template to be very flexible and forgiving when it came to variations in language, content, and imagery.

Designed under the direction of Doug Spitzer and Doug Wiganowske.