Project: Identity, Logo, Mobile App, Web App
Client: InnrCircle
Catch New York, 2016

InnrCircle is a mobile app that delivers next-level celebrity content to fans in the form of pay-per-view live and pre-recorded videos. I drew a custom wordmark based on Herbert Bayer’s Universal Type designs. The waves made with the “n” and “r” letterforms that reference sound waves, radio waves, and live streaming without being so direct. From that, the icon developed using the same lettering, but instead of just using the initials “IC” we played on the name of the company by putting the”in” inside a circle.

The mobile app and the website are a further application of the overall brand. The look needed to feel young and energetic, as the target user skews younger and target broadcasters skew towards entertainers. However, it couldn’t be too young and energetic as this platform could be easily adopted for politicians, brands, and religious figures. And by using imagery that promotes the broadcasters, it allows for easy flexibility between genres, while still feeling consistent and not too focused on one genre.

*Celebrities shown in the mock-ups are not necessarily on the platform.

Designed under the direction of Doug Spitzer and Doug Wiganowske.

iPhone6 - 022616-22.jpg
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